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Rorschach Assistance Program

Rorschach Test AdministrationThe Code Help of the Rorschach Assistance Program is a free online program designed to assist professionals with the complex task of coding the Rorschach Inkblot test. You can use the program alongside the RAP3 coding and reporting application to insure accurate code entering and interpretation. The program provides access to more then 85 codes with interactive navigation system. It is also provides definition and clarification of codes, and ample of examples in accordance to Exner's Comprehensive System methodology.

To start using the RAP3 Code Help just click on one of the upper colored tabs. For each main coding area - Location, Developmental Quality, Determinants, Form Quality, Contents, Popular, Z score, and Special Scores - you will find a brief definition of the codes, guidelines of how to code a particular response, as well as examples and assistance tables and graphics.

By clarifying codes components and simplifying scoring the program helped practitioners and students with administration and interpretation of the Rorschach test. It is coherent with the notion that the test cannot be administered properly unless the examiner is familiar with the variety of coding and scoring criteria. Furthermore, the validity of any interpretation of the responses depend upon the accurate coding of responses and the correct tallying of frequencies of the various codes.  

The RAP3 should be use only by formally trained users of the Rorschach test. The program should not be use as a substitute for formal training with administration, scoring or interpretation of the test.

The RAP3 is free for private, non-commercial use only. Acceptable users include state licensed practitioners and graduate students in behavioral science or mental health. Clinics, teaching and research institutes currently studying or utilizing the Rorschach test are also welcome to use the program.  

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