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There are 13 responses that occur with a very high frequency (at least in one of every three protocols of the normative sample). They are identified as popular (P) responses.

The listing of popular responses is shown in the table, with the criterion for each and a link to the location requirement.

In instances when the response is not exactly like the true popular, like when the content has been altered slightly, or the location used was not coincide exactly.  These are not coded P.

When popular response occurs, the coding P is entered after the coding for the content of the response.


Popular Responses Interactive Table

I W Bat or Butterfly
Always the whole blot.
II D1 Animal, specifically identified as bear, dog, elephant, or lamb.
The head, upper body, or whole animal.
III D9 Human figure or its representations such as doll, caricatures, etc.
If D1 is used as 2 human figures, D7 should
not be part of the human figure.
IV W or D7 Human or human like figure such as giant, monster, science fiction creature etc.
V W Bat or Butterfly.
Always the whole blot.
VI W or D1 Animal skin, hide, rug, or pelt.
Might be in the form of a whole animal.
The skin, hide etc. should be explicitly mentioned, or clearly implied.
VII D1 or D9 Human head or face, specifically identified as female, child, or Indian, or with gender not identified.
D5 is usually identified as the upper part like hair, feather, etc.
If the response includes the entire D2 area, P is coded if the head or face is restricted to D9 area.
If Dd23 is included as part of the human form, it is not P.
VIII D1 Whole animal figure usually of the canine, feline, or rodent varieties.
IX D3 Human or human like (witch, giant, sci-fi, etc.)
X D1 Crab or Spider.
Restricted to the D1 area.




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