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The scoring program automates the process of scoring tests, coding essays, and grading videos, audio, and other multimedia protocols. Using the Internet, you can quickly and efficiently complete the scoring process of your exam.

Virtual Psychology scoring system provides Internet based tools to mange scoring program. Authorized graders can log into the system and request a test protocol to score. The protocol in the form of numbers, essay, video, or other multimedia protocol is displayed in their browser, along with a scoring rubric and instruction to ensure that the scoring process is consistent. Once the protocol has been scored, the grader enters the score and additional information, and saves the data back to the system. They can then request another protocol for scoring.

The scoring system will ensure that test protocols are scored by the number of desired graders. Inter-graders reliability can be easily obtained. If the two grades are significantly different, the system will automatically flag the protocol and ensure that the result is graded for a third time. This system will also work with computer-based scoring. The system can compare the computer score with the grader score, and if different, ensure that the result is scored again by another grader.

There are significant advantages to using the Virtual Psychology scoring system. By automating the process, your company can guarantee that the results are scored within a desired time frame. Not only will the scoring system prioritize the scoring process, it will also provide status reports showing where the scoring process is at any moment in time. In addition, time is saved by automating the process, and instantly delivering results to the graders.

The Virtual Psychology scoring system provides a management tool that will support multiple scoring companies. The system will track the work by all graders, including identifying graders that have the most variance with other graders. Complete reports will be available to the scoring companies showing detailed reports of the graders performance and volumes.


  • Deliver the exam to collect the information. If using the VP test delivery systems, no integration is necessary.
  • Protocols to be graded can include essays, video, audio, or graphics.
  • Names and information of graders (address, language, etc).
  • Link graders to specific tests
  • Option to use automated grading.
  • Number of grades to get per result.
  • Triggers for additional graders or alerts.
  • Generate reports showing number and percentage of results graded.
  • Review graders performance (number of results graded, variance from other graders).
  • compensation reports based on results graded.
  • Compare graders efficiency (number of results graded).
  • Compare average difference with other graders.
  • If using VP results management system, generate final results for candidates.
  • Export results for use in 3rd party systems.

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