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Analyzing and understanding your test results is easy. With a click of a button, view live beta test data, rescore protocols, and print score certificates. Virtual Psychology scoring workshop is a software application used to train pyschometricians and test developers to organize, analyze, and process test results from a back-end database system. You will also learn how to integrate complex information and present the results to the test-taker and decision-maker alike.

Workshop Objectives

  • To provide an in-depth grounding in the theory and practice of ability and personality testing
  • To enable delegates to gain access to the widest range of tests of ability, aptitude, interests, values and personality.
  • To equip delegates with the knowledge required to critically evaluate psychometric tests for specific applications.
  • To enable delegates to successfully implement objective assessment methods for selection, development, counseling and guidance.
  • To assess the role of computers in assessment.
  • Generic host interface can be integrated with almost any back-end database.
  • Built-in integration with VP Testing Program results management system.
  • Modify delivery definition and
    set cut score.
  • Generate candidate score
  • Update database with official scores.
  • Generate traditional item calibrations.
  • Upload calibrations into item database.
  • Generate traditional item calibrations
    including PVAL, PBIS, and Difficulty.
  • Generate cluster analysis.
  • Generates overall form statistics.
  • Upload calibrations and statistics into
    item database.
  • Export results and delivery definitions to
    ASCII or XML formats
  • Selectively export using a variety of filters
    including date, delivery location, language,
    and form name.

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