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  Virtual Psychology has the most powerful test drivers available. Supporting all platforms and browsers, the VP test drivers are completely compatible with our advanced authoring system. With our extensible internet architecture, we can quickly enhance the driver to support new testing types and scoring algorithms.  
  • Custom Look and Feel
  • Internet based Architecture
  • New Adaptive or Scoring Algorithms
  • Unlimited Reporting Diagnostic Groups
  • Unlimited Delivery Groups
  • Item Branching
  • Feedback on Items and Sections
  • Master and Critical Items or Sections
  • Browsers Based (Internet Explorer, Firefox)
  • Internet architecture (Windows, Mac, Unix)  
  • Network Platform Independent
  • XML/HTML-Based Formatting
  • Item Clustered Scales
  • Reliability and Validity Measures
  • Group questions on same screen.
  • Display scenario in frame, header,
    or exhibit.
  • Annotate scenarios with inline
  • Search and highlight scenario text.
  • Link question to text in reading
  • Multiple Choice
  • Point and Click
  • Simulations
  • Performance Based
  • Matching/ Sequencing
  • Fill-In the Blank
  • Essay
  • Drag and Drop
  • Custom
  • Group or Item Based
  • Sequential
  • Random
  • VP Adaptive Sequence or
  • Custom Adaptive Algorithms
  • Range Scaling
  • Linear Scaling
  • Bisector Scaling
  • Scaling Tables
  • Percentile / Normalized Conversion
  • Normative Scaling


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