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  Put your program data at your fingertips! Let Virtual Psychology centralize and warehouse your program data. Secure internet access to this centralized repository empowers you to manage your testing program anyway you like.  
  • Immediately Available.
  • View a single test or range of tests (battery).
  • Standard Reports.
  • Immediately Available
  • View a single candidate or range of candidates.
  • Powerful Query Capabilities 
  • View a single test results or summery profile from several tests battery.
  • Standard Reports.
  • All appointments (past and future) immediately accessible.
  • Powerful Query Capabilities.
  • Standard reports including appointment trends and capacity planning.
  • Communicate with your constituency.
  • Send informational e-mails to candidates.
  • Target Marketing Campaigns.
  • Immediately Available.
  • Regenerate candidate score reports.
  • Wide array of standard reports.
  • Easily accessed with a click of the mouse.
  • Detailed diagnostic log captured for every testing event.
  • Tracks how candidate interacted with the test.
    • Did they review questions?
    • Did they go back and forth between questions?
    • Did they use features?
  • Complete hardware and software testing data warehouse.
  • Data analyzed to provide quantitative facts regarding test results.
  • Data analyzed to continually improve testing product and service.

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