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* Security Readings:

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Imperva helps health-care organizations safeguard data by:

• Discovering where sensitive data lives—in the cloud and on-premises. The first step in protecting data is knowing where an organization’s

sensitive data is. Automated discovery and classification are the only reliable way to routinely and consistently discover and classify new

or modified database instances containing sensitive data.

• Monitoring data usage activity across a broad range of data stores. While databases are a prime target for criminals, sensitive data exists in

many types of systems–databases, Big Data platforms, SharePoint portals and file stores. And this data lives both in the cloud and on-premises.

• Managing user access. Attackers look for easy opportunities to access sensitive data. They target privileged user accounts, users with excessive

access rights and dormant user accounts. To limit lateral movement of attackers and reduce the risk of data breach, healthcare organizations

must proactively monitor privileged users, identify users who have excessive privileges and deactivate dormant user accounts.

• Masking data in non-production environments. Data masking reduces the attack surface by eliminating sensitive data in non-production

environments. Rather than creating copies of sensitive data for test and development teams or for market research purposes, healthcare

organizations can enable these groups by replacing sensitive data with realistic, fictional data.

Discover Sensitive Data; Monitor Data Usage; Manage User Access; Mask Data.





GCP - Data Processing and Security Terms (Customers)





HIPAA Jurnal


VP provides its users with a HIPAA compliant computing environment.